Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekends @ Home

So i have just spent the last hour of my life creating blogs with my mom. She wanted one, needed me to show her how to create it, and finally sucked me into having one myself. So here i am. An official blog-owner.

10 Reasons to come home from college on weekends:

1. apple crisp
2. quilts from the family room
3. non-caf food
4. legal candle burning
5. my own room
6. my little brother
7. hot tea is always ready
8. a full house
9. permanent toiletries in my shower
10. mason jars for drinking glasses

1 comment:

Roxanna Grimes said...

10 things to love about a college daughter coming home:
1. her hugs
2. her jokes
3. watching her nap in the giant chair
4. eating my apple crist
5. sitting by her in church
6. having tea with her
7. making her dinner
8. making cards with her
9. she has incredible chopping skills
10. laying on mom's bed and getting caught up