Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Middle East

Its kind of difficult to relay to you all that happened on my trip, but overall it was an incredible cultural experience that allowed Christ to be glorified in incredible ways. I LOVED the country, people, food, and language. Every Middle Eastern culture I've been in has been one filled with incredible hospitality...but
the time it was beyond anything I've ever experienced. During my time there I befriended many locals that opened up their hearts and homes to me. So here are some faces and places that I will never forget.

Its been a long time

Wow...there is so much to catch you up on! I'm not really sure where to start so I'm just going to begin with this last mom and I went on our 2nd annual girls weekend in Palm Springs. Because our house and life is surrounded by mostly boys, we decided last year to create NBA (No Boys Allowed) weekend. We stay at our favorite spa resort in Palm Springs and enjoy a relaxing weekend that consists of laying out by the pool, watching movies, shopping, laying out by the pool and going out to dinner. Here are a few pictures from the weekend...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hello from the Middle East

Internet and time for it has been limited...but all is well and our work is going very well :) The people here are extremely hospitable, kind and beautiful. The food is awesome, but the tea is even better. I have been able to talk so some amazing women from all over the Middle East. We definitely stick out here like a sore thumb...but it works to our advantage to start conversation. I am having a blast here, i love it...minus the squatty pottys :) those are getting old. On a more serious note, this is a very dark heart is constantly heavy. However, I find strength and joy in His word and Him alone. Not much time to talk now, sorry its so short! Ma' Salaama!