Wednesday, February 27, 2008

put in my place

Yesterday was quite an unproductive day. To put in persepective the seriousness of this statement, let me just say that I wrote one "Thank You" note and I felt very accomplished. Anyway, last night I was venting to a close and precious friend of mine about a decision I have to make in the near future. This conversation included me giving her an explanation of all my thoughts concerning the conflict ive been having within myself to make this particular decision. It has really taken over my mind recently and it has seemed to be so important. As I continued talking, the voice of a third party who had been listening suddenly joined in and said, "It's ok Gab. Its really not that big of a deal in the big picture. It's gonna be alright, its just not that big of a deal". Though im pretty positive that the third party was unaware of the impact and significance of their statement, it actually hit me pretty hard. Its just not that big of a deal, im pretty sure that life will go on and that I will somehow survive :) Though I DO wish I knew what the big picture looked like, I rest knowing that I have complete trust in the One who paints it.


carsonbelmont said...

Thank You's can be very difficult to write and you should feel accomplished for writing one. They are kind of a lost art.

AdamCook said...

im glad you could sleep peacefully after that rough game... and i agree with carson, props on the thank you note