Sunday, February 3, 2008

Any other ideas?

So Ive been thinking a lot recently about the issue of abortion. Ive been thinking about the fact that I am pro-life, along with many other Christians that I know. So when I think about women who are debating having an abortion, my first response is, "Well they do have another option - they can put the child up for adoption". Actually, I would probably go as far as to say that many Christians have this same response, because it is kind of considered "the other option". However, there is an issue with the option of adoption...there aren't enough people to adopt. Especially if all the women in the world started putting their unwanted children up for adoption, as opposed to aborting them...there would definitely not be enough people to adopt.

In view of all this, the Lord has laid something on my heart. I feel quite strongly about the issue that we have today with abortion. I have seen abortion effect peoples lives in a deep and traumatic way. So i have asked God what i could ever do or say that could help prevent women from making the decision to abort. While I'm not quite sure that I have fully received an answer to this question, I do know that the Lord has laid one specific thing on my heart. Someday im going to be a supporter of "the other option"by adopting children who might of otherwise been aborted. If we as Christians are going to tell women not to abort, but to put their child up for adoption, I think we should be a supporter of those adoptions. I would hope that some would at least consider the idea. Though i am not sure who they are, im sure that others have had this same idea and have probably written something way more insightful on the subject. It just seems that there must be something we can do...any other ideas?


jeremy phillips said...

i think you nailed it.

RobinDayle said...

I agree.
And I've always wanted to adopt...maybe all of my future children.
I've always had a mother's heart, but have never been able to picture myself pregnant.
Ha. We'll see.

Welcometo the blogging world.

Roxanna Grimes said...

Thank you for believing that God doesn't waste anything and that you can make a difference. You already have ...