Friday, December 5, 2008


This is my favorite tree that is in my front yard at home...its so beautiful this time of year :)
Chaddy and I had a great time relazing with the fam over break...we ate alot, saw some movies, drank alot of apple cider, and played an awful lot of Acquire (silly Brandon ALWAYS wins). It was a such a sweet time.


Over Thanksgiving break, my mom and I went to a Coldplay concert! We went with our dear
friends, Katelynn and Denise. It was a really fun night, a nice treat for us just girls!

When we got out, it was POURING rain...and we had to walk like a mile back to our car! Denise couldn't ruin her super cute suede she walked bare foot! omg it was so much fun, here we are....soaked!

Katelynn and I's concert tradition.